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After a whirlwind life traveling the country for their careers, they wanted to come back to Walloon, to the memories they had of being in Northern Michigan – that was their over-riding design philosophy,” said Elaine Keiser, architect. “They asked our team at EKA to bring their vision together and create the house they envisioned.”

When Elaine walked through the front door with the homeowner on her next visit, that vision was clear in a simple statement she remembers today: “He said, ‘We want to feel like we are floating on the lake.’ We accomplished that. And from there, the rest of the house unfolded.”

Intertwining the layout of the house and its owners’ intimate connection to Walloon Lake couldn’t be adequately fulfilled relying on just textbook basics or a designer’s class in home construction. It takes the experience of a respected architect to turn what is often intangible – the feelings a home elicits, the nuance of its rhythm and flow, the way it works perfectly for the family who lives there – into bricks-and-mortar with elegance, function and consideration of its environment.

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